Get involved in Horsham VE Friday

Celebrating the joy in the community that war was over and with a theme of new beginnings. Expect period costumes, traditional food and recipes, period entertainment, community games and activities to try. There will be a tableaux of military vehicles with victory flags and public participants. Reach out to embrace community groups that can help stage the event.

QM Studios project with Age UK. Evening VE Day Concert with Borough Band & Friends.

When: Bank Holiday Friday 8 May 11am-4pm

Where: Carfax, Bishopric Stream, Park Place, East Street, Market Square, Piries Place. Plus Drill Hall (evening)

Organised by: Horsham District Council and partners including QM Studios and Age UK

Target audience: People interested in the Second World War, veterans, those with an interest in the historical period

Expected footfall: New one-off event

Horsham's VE75 Weekend

Opportunities for businesses

Concessions: Email Horsham District Council's events team at

Entertainments: Contact QM Studios about on-stage performances

Sponsorship: Sponsorship opportunities are available. Email