Get involved in Horsham Sounds

Focused on showcasing local musicians across multiple genres on up to 6 outdoor stages daytime and an as yet unknown number and variety of indoor venues from 4pm. BBC Sussex have been invited to participate.

The organisers are in discussions with Horsham’s LGBTQ community to present one location as a Pride Stage with a parade to connect all the locations.

When: Easter Monday 13 April

Where: Carfax Bandstand, Carfax Amphitheatre, Market Square, Park Place, Piries Place, Bishopric Stream

Organised by: Horsham Festival of Sound, Visit Horsham, Horsham District Council

Target audience: Live music fans

Expected footfall: New event

Horsham Sounds

Opportunities for businesses

Concessions: Email Horsham District Council's Events team at

Entertainment: Contact Horsham Festival of Sound to find out more about booking a performance slot

Sponsorships: Sponsorship opportunities are available. Email