Get involved in Horsham Plum Jam

Plum Jam is a free Volkswagen show in the heart of Horsham town centre. If you dream of taking off into the sunset with just a campervan and a surfboard for company; if you appreciate the hard work, love and dedication it takes to restore a classic vehicle; or if you just love a bit of nostalgia on a Sunday afternoon; then you will love Plum Jam's classic Volkswagen show with cool vehicles placed throughout the town centre.

When: Sunday 24 May

Where: Carfax, Bishopric, East Street, Market Square, Piries Place/Park Place

Organised by: Plum Jam

Target audience: Locals, town visitors from South London to Brighton

Expected footfall: Carfax 10k, Town 44k

Facebook reach: 36k

Plum Jam

Opportunities for businesses

Concessions: Opportunities are available. Contact Horsham Markets by Food Rocks

Entertainments: Opportunities are available.

Sponsorships: Sponsorship opportunities available. Contact Plum Jam or email