Get involved in Feria de Horsham

Feria de Horsham is an all-action celebration of Spanish cuisine, music and dance recreating the scenes seen at many of Spain’s local ferias (spring fairs). Throughout the weekend, and before there will be chances for everyone to get involved with the celebrations including dance workshops and linked business promotions.

When: Sunday 7 June

Where: Carfax and Swan Walk

Organised by: Feria de Londres, Horsham District Council, Vacalola and partners

Target audience: Locals, town visitors from South London to Brighton

Expected footfall: 12k Carfax, 42k Town centre

Feria de Horsham

Opportunities for businesses

Concessions: Contact Feria de Londres

Entertainments: Contact Feria de Londres

Sponsorships: Sponsorship opportunities available. Contact Feria de Londres or email