Virtual Big Nibble: Make salmon maki with The M Bar

Food and drink in Horsham District

As part of Week 4 of the Virtual Big Nibble, we're tackling sushi! Make this simple salmon maki recipe with Horsham restaurant The M Bar. Watch the video below and download and print the recipe card for your bookshelf.

Place the Nori sheet in the middle of the Bamboo Roller.

Coat hands with sesame oil and roll a ‘tennis ball size amount’ of sushi rice.

Sprinkle the rice ball with sesame seeds and turn over.

Add cucumber, Takuan Daikon and salmon then roll! Watch the video online for a tutorial.

To Serve: Trim off the roll ends and slice in. Place on plate and garnish with the Wasabi Paste and sushi ginger.


Serves 1

Nori Seaweed 1 Sheet

Sushi (Short grained rice) seasoned with vinegar, sugar and a pinch of salt

10g0g Sesame seeds

75g cucumber

75g Takuan Daikon

75g Sushi Grade Salmon

10g Sushi Ginger


Wasabi Paste

Soya Sauce in Ramekin

Sushi Ginger

Also need:

Flat Long Plate

Bamboo Sushi roller covered in cling film

Sesame seed oil (to coat hands to roll with rice & roll)